No BS learning for all things real estate.

Online courses and free content to help you navigate how to buy your first home to make it a fun & enjoyable experience. 

natalie hatton

Perth based real estate agent since 2003.

What we do

Helping you to understand the real estate industry with a unique style of delivery.

Understanding real estate can be stressful & overwhelming our aim is to make the experience fun & memorable. 

First Home Buyers

Learn about buying your first home in Australia.

Learn Online

Videos, PDF's, Quiz's and Q&A's to learn what you need.

Selling & Investing

Coming Soon to Property Uncut

Why learn with us?

we have a no bs policy!

When it comes to real estate we understand that it can be hard to understand. Our team is half/half, one realestate professional and one with no knowledge of it so everything is tried and tested and created for everyone to learn from.

ask questions without judgement

We offer one on one chats for you to ask any questions you would like. You will be given non bias information and be greeted with our motto of "no question is a bad question". Once you have subscribed to a course you will have the option to ask questions in a group with like minded people.

Maintaining your home

Our blog will be ready a short time after we launch our courses. We will cover all kind of topics from finding the right electrician to styling your living room, we will also be offering our tips and suggestions for in home products to use and brands we love! Maintaining your home is a huge part of home ownership so we hope to be able to help with our tried and tested information. 

Stay updated, we have more to come...

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